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Circular sonic motion removes facial hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and hairline. Eases make-up application and extends makeup longevity for a fresher appearance. Unlike ordinary trimmers, precise sonic waves circulate 100 times per second to gently exfoliate, leading to supreme softness and a fresh, youthful look. The thin blade helps minimize uneven skin tone, eases away rough, dry patches and triggers a higher rate of skin cell turnover.

Safety guard prevents skin irritation facial.


Directions: Cleanse. Then remove hair by tilting the facial blade at a low angle, with the plastic portion almost touching your skin. Move the wand in the direction of any hair growth. 


Bonus brow shaper directions: Gently move the wand in the direction of hair growth so blades lightly touch brow edges.

Sonic Beauty Wand

  • Designed by KAI in Seki Japan. Blades made in Japan, assembled in China.

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